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Social bookmarking  Price: $15 submitted by:  host  at: 12/5/2007

The template allows you to create your own bookmarks or links directory at your web site. The template supports websites categories, sub categories,  description, summary keywords and RSS preview.

Using roles you can let your visitors or friends, or group members, to submit their bookmarks as well. the module supports auto or approve, on admin approve.

The template is made of  three pages:

The landing page where you can display featured websites, a search module and the list of categories and sub categories.

The listing page contains a list of all the website which are relating to that current category. Featured website will appear on top of list.

The third page is the view page where you can see all the details about that website.

Besides those three pages you can add "latest" modules. One or as many instances as you like, each one with some different filtering.

The adding or editing websites is very easy. All is made in one place , the "item editor" form.

The template is an add on to the "property module" of See more about it in the "notes release".

  • Create links directory. do it nicely with style.
  • Search module.
  • Types, sub types.
  • Social. (visitors can submit links).
  • SEO friendly.
  • Supports latest (submitted, most popular, featured and more).
  • Supports sort (hits, published date etc").
  • Display number of hits.
  • Supports RSS feeds. ( needs some additional work).
  • Supports "snap shots". (needs some additional work).
  • Customization-- this is an important point. Since the template is built on the "property module" you have the option to easily modify and customize it. You can replace the names of the fields, add or delete categories, and many other options. For doing that I recommend you to first read the "template guider" documents which you can find at "".
  • The "template-able" parts, the parts which can be modified, are table less which means that the template can be a good start for any one intending to improve his or hers CSS/xhtml skills.
End User License Agreement:

You may use that module on any of yours' or your clients'  websites.

You may not resell it or redistribute it.




Q: Are there any documents to help me with the set up?

A: Yes. You can find the admin guide at website under:

Products/modules/property agent. There on left side menu you will see a link to the documents. Very recommended to read it carefully before starting. Yet , if you have some basic experience with dnn, there shouldn't be any problem.

Please use the form to contact usand we'll get back to you as soon as possible.Thanks.
* denotes mandatory field
Notes releases:

The template is an add on to the remarkable "property agent module".

You will need that module in order to use our template.

You can get the module (highly recommended) with a round 10 more modules including the "news article" module  and four more templates (real estate, cars, simple, cards) at:

Purchase Process:

Clicking on the "buy now " button will send you to the most simple and saved purchase process at "paypal" web site, where you can pay by using any of your credit cards or with your paypal account.

None part of the process will take place in website. There for be sure that we have no way to save or keep your payment details . It is all done in the most safe payment website in the net today: Paypal.

After a successful payment you will be automatically sent to a "thank you" page where you will be able to immediately download the files. The files will be also sent to you by email using the address you have provided at paypal website.

Price: $15

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