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CSS2DNN  Price: $49 submitted by:  host  at: 12/4/2007

CSS2DNN is a valid skin package for dnn which was designed to let the user maximum flexibility in designing his or her web site. The skin contains ten  panes and seven containers on a 960px fixed width wrapping container.

You can create a two columns layout, three columns, four columns and another different three columns layout. You can create a long page using all of them or most of them or you can create a page with just a few of them giving it a modern look by for example using the columns at the bottom.

Most of the containers besides one are made without the use of any images. It means that you can easily customize them. Yet there is a little pencil icon on some of them which you can leave or delete or replace with a different one.


Valid CSS/xhtml

As a valid CSS/xhtml skin you get a list of important benefits.

I will just make a short summary:

  • Take the lead in the competitive search engine optimization field.
  • Benefit from a well-built code tested for cross browser and cross browser version compatibility.
  • Achieve optimized rendering for your web pages. No more deformed sections or heavy pages.
  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing bandwidth volume.
  • Provide accessibility to a higher volume of traffic.
  • Completely flexible for compatibility with future shifts in technology.
  • Acquire the top quality assurance authorization banner/link to display on your site.

Maximum flexibility

Use the panes to create interesting reach content websites. home page, inner page one, inner page two, and so on......One lay out for articles, another for videos, another for galleries and so on. Play with seven containers to slightly give a different look to each page.

Modern look

An interesting modern and even "future" look to the website. With a use of oneheader container only, you can easily customize it. you're welcome to participate in the forum regarding customizing or any other support questions.

End User License Agreement:

Nuke Designers license allows you to:

Private users:

Use the package on any website you personally own.

You may modify and customize the code to meet your needs.


The license allows you to use, modify or customize the code for your customer needs on a basis of

One package to one customer. It means that for each client's website you will need to purchase another package/license.

 Host service provider:

For each client's website/ domain you will need to purchase another package/license.

Private users/ Developers / Host provider/ any customer:

 You may not redistribute the package or part/s of it to other developers or administrators.

You may not redistribute the package or part/s of it to the public not for wage or not for free.

You may not let any one get access  to download the code in any way by mean or by mistake.

 Nuke designers will be happy to discuss these issues of bulk licenses with any one interested in getting that kind of bulk license.



Q: Where can I see all the panes?

A: In the firs page of the demo you can get a picture of all the panes.

One is on left and on it's right there can be one, two, or three more panes.

On the bottom there are three equal panes.

Q: Where can I see the seven containers?

A: Again, you can see all the containers you get at the first demo page.

Q: can I use just some of the panes in a page?

A: Yes sure. you can also create around 8 or 9 different skins from that master one. You would like to do that in case you prefer small ascx files. You will get all the support to do that in our forum.

Q: Can I change the background color of the menu?

A: Yes sure. Changing the color backgrounds of any part in the skin is very easy.  You don't need to have any CSS advanced skills for doing that. Just replace a number for the color you would like to change in the css file. For support you are welcome to participate in the forum.


Have a question? Please use the form which you can find in the "contact" tab.

Please use the form to contact usand we'll get back to you as soon as possible.Thanks.
* denotes mandatory field
Notes releases:

In the purpose of trying and give our customers the best, we have thought that one of the best "menus" to use is the "houseofnuke" skin object (Menu).

It is a pure Css based menu, with little java addition for IE6.

It promises a clarity to Google spiders, it spits valid code and it is easily customized. There for you will have to download it from the manufacture website. after you've done that,  you will just need to upload it to your portal (host/module definitions) and ...nothing else.

HouseMenu SkinObject 1.4.1 (beta)

Purchase Process:

Clicking on the "buy now "button will send you to the most simple and saved purchase process at "paypal" web site, where you can pay by using any of your credit cards or your paypal account.

None part of the process will take place in website. There for be a sure that we have no way to save or keep your payment details or no one else can. It is all done in the most safe payment website in the net today: Paypal.

After a successful payment you will be automatically sent to a "thank you" page where you will be able to immediately download the files. The files will be also sent to you by email using the address you have provided at paypal website.

Price: $49

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