Dotnetnuke skins | templates on sale

Nukedesigners now puts some of it's valid skins and templates on a special sale, for a limited time.

If you wish to upgrade your dotnetnuke site and work with a table-less skin and table-less containers, experience and study CSS/xhtml, now is the time!. You may get some of the skin packages for a very special price.

To view full details and demo of the products please visit the catalog page at the "wizards playground" page. From there you may see a full feature list, screen shots demos and the regular prices.

To purchase the products please use the link below. After secure payment at paypal you will be redirected immediately to the page where you can download the package. Enjoy!

What's included in the package:

  • Webskingraft (six colors)
  • 4 beautiful blog skins
  • DnnBlues
  • Nukedesigners two columns.

Very special Price: $24.99

Dear dnn developer! - Become a Part of a Webwide Phenomenon and-

Upgrade and enhance your dotnetnuke website to ensure it meets W3C standards via a highly attractive “web2” skin design built from 100% xhtml/css semantically correct valid code.

Check out just a few of the advantages of integrating one of Nuke Designer’s skins into your site:

  • Take the lead in the competitive search engine optimization field.
  • Benefit from a well-built code tested for cross browser and cross browser version compatibility.
  • Achieve optimized rendering for your webpages. No more deformed sections or heavy pages.
  • Reduce operational costs by minimizing bandwidth volume.
  • Provide accessibility to a higher volume of traffic.
  • Completely flexible for compatibility with future shifts in technology.
  • Advertise in “tableless only” websites to access huge databases and 1000’s of visitors.
  • Acquire the top quality assurance authorization banner/link to display on your site.


  • Xhtml provides a clear code for google’s spiders to read. Targeted placement of meta tags like keywords, title and description and complete separation of content from design also enhances positioning.
  • The xhtml code used in Nuke Designer’s skin has been rigorously tested and has proven cross-browser compatibility. Enjoy the advantages of your users employing cross browser and cross browser version compatibility.
  • Nuke Designers utilizes an extremely efficient code by separating style from content thus minimizing bandwidth volume and lowered operating costs.
  • Nuke Designers have created a highly accessible page by utilizing alter text for images, contrasting colors, specialized fonts and more to make your webpage more friendly to the human eye.

Click to learn more about the "WebSkinGraft" package and get into demo-website

About Us.

Nuke Designers is an experienced, innovative and cutting-edge graphic design company specializing in the creation of highly attractive and efficient skins specifically for use on dotnetnuke websites.
With a wide choice of extremely aesthetic skins that meet the stringent standards of W3C (the regulatory body of internet protocol), Nuke Designers is well placed to provide a product that meets both the current and future needs of its customers.


Customizing our skin packages for clients.

Converting tables skins and containers designs into valid xhtml/CSS.

Converting image design  into valid code.

Design  websites.

Templates (application) development.

If you need one of those services,

please use the form below to contact us and will get back to yuo ASAP with a free quote.


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