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New Comments system for the blog



Long time that I'm looking for a good comments system for the blog. As you probably know my site is a dotnetnuke site and the blog template and other listing templates are made of ventrian modules. I like them a lot, but for the comments a few features are missing.

What am I looking for , or what would I call a good comments system:

( very short summary):

1. No spam or ability to approve or not.

2. Easy to log in and post.

3. The comment should be syndicated.

Well i'm currently trying the system of intensedebate.com which looks fantastic.

You're doing all the setup in their site:

Approve, auto approve, who can post, who can admin, hwo you may log in (open id, facebook conect, other), poster profile, you may add plugins for videos, polls, mp3s and a few more. I'll check it soon again.:)

You got a feed for each blog item and an aggregator feed for all blog comments. (meaning you can add that feed to your twitter feed for example or to your email with notify.me or friend feed for example and always stay tuned.)

You may as weel embed a widget with latest comments and... probably there are other stuff I didn't mention. (like comments count in the listing page.)

So it looks very promissing. Also very easy to implement. Now it's only left to check it by posting, which I will.

A Nice part about it that it can work with the blog, tweeter backgrounds, catalog or any other module which has a page for each item. (galleries, etc".)

You might even just put a comment wall on a page of it's won, just to pick comments from everybody.

Any comments? :)


posted @ Thursday, June 25, 2009 2:04 PM by Avi A