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Twitter backgrounds gallery
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Twitter backgrounds gallery pre launch


Twitter backgrounds gallery

Hi everybody,

I'm excited to pre launch our twitter backgrounds gallery.

We're starting with 10 beautiful designs which were made by the artist @bentovanat.

Let me first thank Anat for her hard and intensive efforts to make that galley live in a very short time.

Soon I hope to interview her here in the forum and let you know of other unique stuff she is doing. Stay tuned for that interview. (she doesn't know about it yet, though... :).

Any way, we have just started. There are many things to change and improve and we'll be doing them one after one in the coming days. (Or weeks.).

For you techi guys/girls I'm using the Property agent module of Ventrian.com a dotnetnuke developer. Same one I'm using for takeslides, my catalog and other.

The gallery allows you to download an image and manually upload it to your twiiter page. As i posted earlier in the blog, not too fancy but efficient (e.g working). Below the image you can find the color palette image which you may use or start with.

Thanks and enjoy!

P.S if you know of a friend of yours who would like to add his works, please let him/her know about it. Backrounds are for free but artists can offer any of their other services (like customizing a background) for a fee. Thanks again!

posted @ Sunday, June 7, 2009 11:28 AM by Avi A