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SEO case study: 都会.net



As you can see on the menu bar above, (都会) , (metropolis in Chinese) it will link to a site I was working on a couple of month ago.

I announced it in a blog post here: metropolis and now I see it was done at the first of april. :). You may also see part of the code at that post

Any way, true for that moment,  "都会"  and 都会 are on places one and three on the first page and the page has PR2.

都会 is being searched (acording to google keywords) around 90,000 times a month and there are around 126 millions results.

So those SEO guys of you are welcome to go and see what was done there. Not too many secrets actually, only the use of a custom search, for a few more points, I'm not sure you can see it from the site.

If you do have questions you're welcome to ask (below). Thanks.


posted @ Saturday, May 30, 2009 4:40 PM by Avi A