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Part two: Google friend connect Recommendation gadget: Multi sites


Yesterday, working on implementing the new recommendation gadget in the blog I've found out that it even has more than you might see on first glance.


The code you get at their page is separated into two:


1.The code for the button. (nothing much to say about currently).


2. The code for the, lets call it "feed", where you render, display the recommendations links.


What I found out is that you may locate this code in ANY site you may like to, as long as you define it in google froend connect (/site settings/ advanced tab/ bottom box (Alternate addresses)), one site for a line.


What it means is that you can create a page or a site where you will display feeds from all your other sites, or from your friends sites, or you might even create a directory of those feeds.


Think about it!


I'll be using it soon for takeslides as well and will display the feed in nukedesigners, for example. Many more other ideas on the way, stay tuned and share yours if you like to.

update: (the comment wal is off from some reason.):

Lewis asked:

"I want to have different pages with different comment. For example page on movie A have this review of abc and page of movie B, has this review of fdsw. how do you? and i have a lot of movies page. how do you set this up need help pls thanks ."

Hi lewis, so you're asking about the comments/ratings widgets and not recommendations. To do what you asked you have to open a comment wall or recommendation on each page you want and set it it up tp a "PAGE". Then in the page where you want to display activities from all those pages, put another comment wall and set it up to "SITE", I think it should work. You will also be able to see the activities at the social bar, that's for sure.

posted @ Sunday, May 17, 2009 3:25 AM by Avi A