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Firebug or Developr tool bar. Which do you prefer?


Obviously most of us are using one of these amazing firefox add on:


Web developer tool bar

Generally speaking , they are both almost too good to be truth, letting you edit css/html or debug javascript web pages on the fly.

I got used to the web developr tool bar and every time I try to launch fire bug, I start to see real weird things on my page and I'm never sure if it's the code or me. :). Another problem with fire bug is that ....yes you guessed, it doesn't work where you mostly need it. (e.g IE). The good news is that MR. BEN the google guy who developed the google ajax playground tool, a few month ago added it to the page and there it works correctly, letting you debug the code.

The way I work with developer tool bar is simply opening it below the page, modifying the CSS and then saving it and uploading it using ftp.

Which do you prefer?:



posted @ Thursday, May 7, 2009 2:59 AM by Avi A