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Google ajax api: Search feeds and translate them on the fly.


Working on takeslides, a few month ago, which was a great deal of javascript learning for me, well i asked Jeremy, google ajax apis user group admin, to help me with a little idea.

the idea was to use google find feed and then translate them.

I thought it was a quite small job and actually I forgot about it.

Yesterday Jeremy surprised me with 5+ 320 lines of code, a little present he made just for me :). Still a few things to adjust but you may find and use it in our home page News channels.

I'm posting it here in the blog, to announce it and syndicate it, so I'll try and put it here as well:

There is not much to explain. Search what ever you like, site name or tags and then translate it. Enjoy! (you'll might have to click a few times to refresh results but we'll get it fixed soon.)


Jeremy's advanced search|translate feed control.


posted @ Friday, May 1, 2009 12:55 PM by Avi A