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Testing google friend connect #gfc poll gadget.



Time to check the poll gadget wich was added to google friend connect gadget list, last week.

All week I was thinking to my self, how am I gonna check it.

Spending most of this day in Jerusalem, with another "Avi", a friend of mine, visiting his other friend/client who is a quite big electronic products importer.

I was telling him a little bit about twitter, my site, google friends connect, new media and social media.

More or less he knew nothing BUT he came with a nice idea I beleive.

He said "let me offer your community special prices for special products".

I think it's a big idea. What do you think?

Where everything is moving into "social" groups, then why not the sponsors as well? special communities, special sponsors, special prices.


Thanks in advance for all of you who will participate.

posted @ Monday, April 27, 2009 12:18 PM by Avi A