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Gmail labels and filters tutorial.


Gmail page, with all the labs features is turning to be our office, or most important home page.

In this tutorial we will learn the basic of how to label and filter our incoming mail. It will allow us to save time, make order in our mail box, get less overwhelmed by tones of mails. Labeking and filtering will allow us to really enjoy the advanced features of the labs. (coming tutorial.)

Ok, first step.

What is labeling? Labeling is simmilar to what we know as "folders" in our older mail software.

We can find the labels button/dropdwon menu at the vertical menu next to the other buttons like :

archive, report spam, delete, mark as read, move to, labels, more actions.

When we click on it, we can see a list of the labels we have made allready, or create a new one. Let's say we created a label called "My family".

Now whenever we will get an email from someone in our family, we would be able to check the small box left to it's title and then open the labels box and associate it with the family label.

If we done that correctly, we will now see that a small word  "family" was added just before the title of the mail.

Now we may archive  that email and when ever we would like to find our family mails we'll type  "family" inside the search box and all our family emails will appear.

Also On the left side of your gmail page you will see a box with your labels. Clicking on any of these labels will load the page with the emails associated with that labels only.

Well, so far we have learend how to create a label attach it to a specific email and even to find all these emails which were labeled with a simple search, or by clicking on the side label box, buttons.

Filtering- currently we get all our incoming email to the inbox mail. That can be a problem when you got lots of mails. It was much easier for us if we could tell the software to automatically move all the "family" incoming mails to the family label, the facebook comments to the facebook comments label and so on. You probably are familiar with that stuff from out look.

Gmail allows us to do it easily.

We once again, let's go to a facebook email we got, click on the left check box, move our mouth over the more actions button and click on filter messeages like that.

We will now see a few filtering options: from. to, subject, has the words, doesn't have.

 So for our example, we will choose the "from" option and there we will write "facebook", and click the "next step" button, and we're almost done.

In that last page, we decide and tell gmail what to do with an incoming mail with "facebook" at the titles.

There are a few options, all are very practical. For our tutorial we will use "Skip the inbox" (archive it) and "apply the label", in that case facebook.

don't forget to click "create filter" and.....  you're done.

From now on any incoming mail with "facebook" in it's title, will be redirected automatically to the "facebook" label/folder. You will be able to see an unread message at your labels box, at the facebook button. Clicking on it will show it with all other emails on that label.

That's it. enjoy!.

posted @ Thursday, April 23, 2009 2:21 AM by Avi A