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Yammer: a few words about what are you working on now?


Yammer is a great application, allowing you within seconds to start orginizing and saving all the knowledge and content you DON'T want to share with the rest of the world. You Can share the content with any one else in the world who has the same mail like you do, e.g if I'm avi@mydomain.com and you are Jimi@mydomain.com, then I can invite you and you or I can invite others from our org.. We can also create our private groups in the org, again all very easily. (I'm not getting into details.) The fact that you're using your org mail makes everything much simpler in the joining part. (in google apps admin has a lot to set up, mails mx, security, roles etc".)

What can you share?

Well the idea is that any one in your organiztion would be able to know "what are you working on now?".

So you can share your links, your files, your thoughts, your contacts, your feeds (includes a feed reader), your sketch, you may tag words, etc".

(share means upload, not full "wiki" environment like in google apps for example.)

In the wall you are not limited to 140 chars, which makes the wall more...interesting for it self, not as a wall for links only.

In my opinion it's not about "what are you doing now" but more about  " I had something important to tell  which i didn't want to forget but i didn't like to bother, it wasn't urgent". (obviously).:


"I found something interesting and i just had to keep it somehwere. No way I would have remebered it tommorow".

That's the scenario I have in mind for that application:

You're working on something, you have an idea, you think of something you don't want to forget, you can use yammer VERY cool desktop widget and laod it to the wall without entering the site. Also , if your partner sent you a message, it will appear in the widget, keepin to see as many as you choose. So you don't have to keep a chat box opened, or skype or any thing. You put it on the wall, and your friend will read it when he can, submit a reply when he can, and so on.  Who is trying to follow old chats? wall is more efficient, nothing get lost. (well almost).

To start working, you actually don't have to set up anything.

I don't like to make a comparison to google apps, which obviously gives much more. Yammer is like a light version of some of google features. e.g it's not the love boat, but a very cool, racing/pirates (fancy) boat.

As a summary I would say that Yammer is like a nice site you could build with Google sites apps, just you got it ready and you got a few additional widgets (desktop or mobile/sms).

Bottom line, very fun.




posted @ Tuesday, April 21, 2009 3:19 PM by Avi A