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twittercounter = Very cool social widget to your site/blog



First of all you can see the application right on your left, starting under the Google Friend Connect. While reading, Play with it for a while, move your mouth hover, click the links and then keep on reading.

What does this lovely widget do? what are the benefits?

1. Displays your image with your name at twitter (aviavia) as the owner of the site at the top. That's allowing any visitor who just got to your site, that way or another, to know who you are, read some info about and it's allowing him/her to contact you easily at twitter.

2. As you can see, below site owner picture (aviavia), there are lists of friends usually your friends who are whishing to let you know that they have been here AND also now these friends can GET NEW FRIENDS.

Well, these are the fetures which made me think it's a very cool tool.

To get started simply follow the links on the widget or visit this site:

Twitter counter

Aviavia's profile at Twitter counter

Implementation of that widget is as easy as can be and Mr.dekeyrel made a very easy and clear instructions.

There are a few other little counters you may like to embed to your site other than the widget I'm using like that one:

Thanks and let me know you where here!

posted @ Tuesday, April 21, 2009 4:22 AM by Avi A