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Resize image wizard|script


Hi, I would like to share our tool, allowing us (and u2 now) , to paste an image link, adjust width and height of it and get the link or image tag to embed it.

Resize image wizard|script

(The link appears in the menu above: wizards/image avatar resize).

It can be very use full in cases, where you don't want to upload an image to your machine, resize it, upload it again, test and so on. Since the resized image is basically a long link, keeping inside of it the "h" and "w" of the image, you can always test and change it easily , if you're not happy with it.. :)

We're heavily using that script, allowing us to resize the images we're calling for our RSS slideshow (takeslides), on the fly.

Also, we're using the script in our e card|image gift application, which will be presented (after some changes)soon. we'll make that application without the need to reload page, in order to preview the gift and more effective syndication ways...stay tuned.

So, here is an example. Clicking on the right mouth button to view the image, will let you understand what I meant about resizing it. Look for the h=400&w=400 in the end of the URL, play with the numbers and reload. (nice game for it self). Enjoy!

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posted @ Monday, April 20, 2009 3:29 AM by Avi A