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Google friend connect in Dotnetnuke site.



Google friend connect is the hottest feature in the internet at that time and in my opinion it is indeed a revolutionary tool with tons of benefits to any site admin, including Dotnetnuke site admin, like me or you.

I will try to explain those benefits in this short article.

Google frind connect, lets the admin site, via a very easy procedure, paste some code to his/her site which will allow visitors, easily join, using their, google account, aim, yahoo or open id, the site.

GFC also allows the admin of the site add Social features like rating, wall/comments and other open social apps (like ilike).

The wall for example could be implemented on a page,or on each blog or catalog item.

Each of these users how joined the site can:

1. Share their profile, alloing him to: share the other sites he had joined, his favourite links, his shared items from his google reader.

2. Participate in site social gadgets, like the wall, or rating even adding his youtube videos.

3. Find and make new friends.

4. Invite his friends to join the site.

it is important to understand that for example, that for example if alex joined your site, all his friends at site "b" or "c" or "etc" will see he has joined your site, see what he add commented, see who he became friend with , etc".

Assuming he subscribed to your site feed, and shared it on his google reader, his friends will be able to read your blog posts...from their google reader.

what about integrating GFC with the sites users. eg. those who have joined your site using your site log in system?

what about sending emails to your new site members?

Well the good news is that Google released an api for that and currently I'm waiting for the DNN developer who would take the challenge to implement it.

there are a few more benefits but we'll get to them on the next article.



posted @ Wednesday, April 15, 2009 4:26 AM by Avi A