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Universal RSS player


Hi all,

We are once again happy and excited to announce and share our new Media feeds RSS flash player and the wizard that will let you create such a slideshow in seconds and embed it any where without the need for any module.

The player was tested with various RSS feeds like those of Picasa, flick, Photobucket, feed burns, hi5, ipern, simple feeds gallery, and many many other different feeds of albums.

The wizard will ask you to give a title to your slideshow, will ask you for the link (URL) of the feed, width and height of the widget, interval time and playing mode.... then the wizard will display the slideshow for you with the option to embed it anywhere including 10's of social nets, your desktop, your site, blog etc".

Also you may link to any of your Mp3 files to play along with the music.

Special thanks to Jeremy who was working real hard on that one...accepting to take a great challenge.

So you can fid the wizard at:

Nukedesigners Universal RSS Slideshow Widget wizard (flash)

Or at:

Takeslides Universal RSS Slideshow Widget wizard (flash)


Here is an example:

Warcraft slideshow

posted @ Tuesday, December 2, 2008 12:37 PM by Avi A