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Takeslides at photobucket.



Well i keep on updating about "takeslides.com" and this time I'm happy to announce that recently it's been added to the "Photobucket Application Gallery".

What is the "Photobucket application gallery"?

quoting them:

Discover the many applications available for you to use with your Photobucket account.

When they say  "to use with your photobucket accounts" they mean that if you go there and you see an application you like you can "add a link" to the application from your albums/accounts page. It is like as adding applications to your profile pages at social sites, but it's nice and practical.

From what I saw so far, there is no permanent link to the applications, so if you want to find one, what you have to do is page or simply create a search.

In this case it means that after you follow the link,  ( photobucket application gallery )

please search "takeslides" and you'll find it.

As you know "photobucket" users, as other users as well, are able to join takeslides and submit their albums RSS feeds URLs and takeslides will make a slideshow out of it. When ever they will update their album, the slideshow will also be updated. No need to uplaod images, no need to log in to "Potobucket as well.

One of the features Photobucket is offering is letting it's users create a group album. now those users can submit the "group album" RSS to take slides and see the album as a slideshow, share it with their friends, embed it to Igoogle, to their Iphone and soon to more places, but on that I will right on the next blog post, or so...

posted @ Saturday, August 16, 2008 12:54 PM by Avi A