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Takeslides.com at Orkut and facebook.


Well these couple of month were quite overwelming. From the point of launching takeslides at hi5.com till a few hours ago when probably takeslides got launched at "facebook" as well.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so it came out nice. :)

I must say that for that short period of time (i'm  in the social area) I'm very happy with DNN, Ventrian modules and more than very happy with the service I'm getting from powerdnn.com. I don't think there is any thing close to their level of service and profesionality in the hosting area around DNN. I don't think there was any way for me to create a social application without them.

We're still working on some new features so stay tuned... like always.

I am not able to find time to do real writing here at nukedesigners, but I do write quite a lot at ventrian.com forum, answering questions here and there, maybe giving a few tips here and there.

I'm also waiting to see what the core team has made for us with the "cambrian" version, so till then, there probably won't be any new skins packages availaible.

After the release ( of cambrian) there probably be a lot to see here, at nukedesigners.com from new skins packages to some new exciting templates for you to use...

So as I said  stay tuned!.

posted @ Saturday, July 26, 2008 10:42 AM by Avi A