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Exciting news for Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr users!


Well, I'm more than glad to open the first blog post of that year with that announcement. Since the time I was working on the "bizprofile " template I was curious to see what can be done with that technology or service that gogle was providing.  I think I was even mentioning it in an earlier post.

Any way , that gadget allows any of photobucket, picasa and flickr users to start using their RSS buttons which were quite useless so far, and turn them into a slideshow.

The benefit of it is that the content/pictures of the slideshow will always be up  to date because that's the nature of RSS, that is all what it is about. In simple words, if you were making a slide show using your "latest RSS", when ever you will add pictures to any of your albums, they will be displayed in that slideshow!

Also, you can make a slideshow from all of your albums using the option: "All albums RSS".

The gadget is easy to use. You just give a title to the album, you paste the RSS url and you're done!

Copy the generated code into your blog, website, facebook or wherever you choose to.

We'll do our best to improve the gadget in the coming days, work on some "glitches" and there's a lot coming on....I can only say that this is the "ice berg".

hopefully , "Simple gallery"  users will be able to use that gadget soon too.

So you're welcome to try it on, and keep tuned!


Here is the link to the gadget editor:


posted @ Tuesday, January 22, 2008 3:14 PM by Avi A