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New features: A newsletter and a new catalog


So.. after some "quiet" time, no tutorials, in which I was busy searching for some things.. and after  upgrading to dnn 4.7, testing some modules...

I am able to announce today about those two things; the newsletter and the catalog.

Well the newsletter will let you  stay in touch with nukedesigners articles, tutorials and new products. Most important, from time to time we will offer special sells to our newsletter members only. And no... we will not "spam" , annoy, or upset you.


And to the main event of the evening :)

The new product catalog template. (Catalog in the top menu bar)

The idea was to make a format that will let you display all the info you need to display in a nice and clear way.

In other words, using "tabs" in the view product details page, allows you to display: general info, features, Eula, demo, screenshots support and more, all in a reasonable place and not a long long page or no need to use other links. All is in front of the ayes.

Also, and I will write about it in the future, the catalog uses "buy now" paypal buttons, and after payment the buyer will be immediately directed to the secured download page!!!. The files will be also sent to his mail box, using the info he gave at paypal. (No need to first register in the site.) (You're welcome to try it!   )

A few more additions like "accordion" for types and latest, using "JQuery" scripts, and replacing the light box with the "thickbox".

The next step would be to replace the "dynamic drive" script for the "tabs"  with a "Jquery" one for future "easy-life" or in other words, to be able to add more features without worries about putting it all together.

All the products editing happens in one place in one form. It means that very easily you can add or edit a product. In some of the fields we're using the fck text editor so you can really make it any way you like...

I will take the opportunity to thanks Scott (ventrian.com) for his great work and support.

Summary; Iwill add more features to that template in the future. (Many surprises are coming!)

I'm not sure yet if it will be for sale or not,  but very soon I will write some tutorials, so ventrian members will be able to implement some ides in their templates.



posted @ Thursday, December 13, 2007 3:53 AM by Avi A