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Styling current page using the "houseofnuke" menu


I'm sure for some of you it's not new, but lets describe it for the rest of us :).

If you look at the source code of yours or ours page and search

<div id="navigation">

(ctrl f for the search box) you will see a list (ul) of links (li) in this case. That is what appearantly, the house menu spits.


Now you will see that each item gets a different id number .

The good news is that Current page gets:


That is more than we need!

Simply add to your skin.css:

#HouseMenuNavCurrentItem{} ///** styling the box around the link  **///

And start filling it out!

good luck!

You can find the menu here:

HouseMenu SkinObject 1.4.1


posted @ Thursday, November 1, 2007 6:04 AM by Avi A