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New valid skin for dnn.



As you can see we have replaced the skin we were using in our website with a new one.

That one has a fixed 960px layout with two vertical containers in which each one contains two panes with different sizes. As far as I was checking it works in Firefox, IE6, IE7, Opera and Safari.

Also we have changed the presentation of the all website in order to make things clearer.

We're using  ventrian "child links" for site navigation and also we were using it to create kind of  a "catalog" template.

By sing that skin also in our "BizProfiles template" at "nukenotes" we try to make both websites  look  as parts of one thing.

In the coming  days that skin ( and containers) will be added to our product catalog here, at snowcovered

and dotnetnuke marketplace, with other themes.


posted @ Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:24 AM by Avi A