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Download the 4 beautiful blog- module template.


You're welcome to download the blog template we're using at our demo website ( 4 beautiful blog skins demo ) so you can you use it with the skins.

The download is free for all but you'll need the "news articles"  module in order to use it.

Download the "NukeBlog".

(updated on 5/ogoust/2008 )

how to use it?

After you download it, unzip it. Then using "ftp" upload the "nukeblog" folder into your News articles templates directory. (e.g. where you can find the default, extensible and blog templates which are coming with the module.)

If you see any "issue" you would like us to fix please use the comments to let us know.

Thanks and enjoy!.

posted @ Saturday, July 14, 2007 11:49 AM by Avi A