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Using the "Social bookmarking" template


Some notes regarding using the "Bookmarking template" .

First it is an add-on to the "property agent of ventrian.comventrian.com.

The idea of that module is to let you, the developer create different various of templates, which they all share in common very advanced searching and sorting optionfittey will fitt to almost any listing and also very advanced designed and layout options.

Step after step:

(( you can find documentation of how to use it HERE.))

Read the admin guide first.

basically you first upload and install the module itself as you would do with any other module.

Then you open it on any tab/page you like to and you're ready to upload the template which is another zipped folder:

In the edit module options (top left side of container) you choose the import new template/browse/upload. then you will be asked to initiate the template and that's it.

from that point you can start using the template.

In our case you can start building your bookmarking directory, easily and with fun.

Put the template in the content pane and you can put the "latest" on right or left pane.

It is all set up for you, so you just have to click on "add new website"

fill a few lines and that's it. (maybe a few basic set up is needed for latest.)

After you take your tour and start checking the settings options, open the edit layout files and there you will see all the layout code.

Read the other part of the "user guide" and you'll be ready to build your own template.

You create "types", you create the fields to fill (custom fields) and you use tokens in the layout files.

I think the best method to learn would be to take any of the current templates and study them. You have four to ventrian.comventrian.com

The benefit of using our template in that context is that the layout is made of dives, table-less so if you're inxhtmlarning xhtml and CSS I believe it can help you a lot.

One more Little thing:

If you would like to activate the "report as spam" do that:

Enter layout files, listing, then in the "item" and "alternate" boxes look for the email line. Replace "domain with yours and that is it.

If you have any question you're welcome to ask it, using the "discussions" or contact us form.



posted @ Saturday, June 30, 2007 4:04 PM by Avi A