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Validating your portal.


In order to make your web site W3C valid you will need:

A valid skin and valid containers.

A valid default.aspx file.

A little addition to the web.config file. ( you can try first without it, it might work, so we'll currently skip that.)

Use valid modules only.

In this article you'll find some more info about these issues. (yes, and the corrected files to download.)


1. Regarding  skins and containers you have no problem since the skins and containers we offer are Valid.

So far so good.

2. You will need a valid default.aspx file which you can download Here

How to use it?

First of all: Very carefully! Nuke designers will not be responsible for these actions you'll take. It is on your own risk.

Yet ,if everything is done correctly there should not be any problem.

You can find the default.aspx file at your root directory. First make a copy of it so whatever you do can be reversible.

Then "ftp" the new default.aspx file or just copy and paste the code  from the new version to the old.

If any problem occurred just copy and paste the code from your copied file.

That's it you're done with that.

3. you will need to use valid modules to keep your site valid.

You can use the text/html (fck) module.

You can use some of  "Ventrian systems" (ventrian.com) modules which I'm using here already or might use them in the future. (quotes, subscription sign-up, content rotator, child links and a few errors away...the remarkable "news article" module.)

Parts of the core feedback module are valid and we added some css to it.

Tell a friend - Thanks to Eric.  We've modified the module just a little  and added some css to it.

Obviously there are many more which 'm missing or don't know about.

Let's continue:

If you're using our skins already open a Text/html  module in each pane (left, content, right) (if you leave those panes empty you will get something like "width can't be 0" error.)

Click on the bottom link at the footer :"Valid xhtml" and see what you get.

Have a question? a problem? Please let us know.

Thanks and good luck!


posted @ Friday, June 22, 2007 2:50 AM by Avi A