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Installing skins and containers.


In this article we will try to cover any step needed to obtain a successfully installation of the skin package including the containers and any other thing you will need to do. if you already have experience with uploading modules or skins to your portal, then you probably already knows what to do.

Let's start!
Part one.

First you will need the "HouseMenu SkinObject 1.4 (beta)".

You can find it at: House of menu.  There find the download button and download the zip file into your desktop. Currently it is free but it is not our product so we do not guarantee that to you.

Upload it to your portal as you would do with any other module:
Log in as host.
Host/module definitions.

Then: upload new module. Click on "browse", choose the right file (as it is! Do not unzip it!) and click "install". (Then "return").

That's it. The house menu skin object is ready to be used at your portal. You're finished with part one. You do not

have to do anything else regarding that skin object.

Part two.

Dotnetnuke lets you install skins and containers in a few ways all are easy to follow.

You will need to upload some files into your portal (which are already in the package )so first let's make sure you have permissions for that:

Log in as host.
Click on:
Host/site settings.
Advanced settings.
Other settings.

In the "file upload extension" box make sure you have those files in the list: (you can copy and paste that list to the box. make sure you don't leave any space between those letters.):

Click on "update" (bottom left corner).
Now you are ready to continue.

At the same page just a few lines above the "update" button you will see "upload skin".

Click on it, wait, and at the next page click on "browse".

Find the "zip" folder which contains both the skin.zip folder and the containers.zip folder. you are about to upload and install them both at the same time.

Click on "install skin package"  and wait a few seconds.

That's it. Now the skins and containers are on your portal and dnn created thumbnails for preview.

(You will need to repeat this for each color package. The "Web SkinGraft "is actually six separated skin packages!).

You will be able to view and choose those skins and containers using a dropdown menu at the settings of each portal or each page:

Admin/site settings/portal skin and or portal container.
Same with page settings:
Page skin and or page container.
This is basically the process which you can do in a few more places like
Admin/site settings/upload skin

You can also choose whether you would like to upload the skin just to a current portal or to the instance.

Good luck!

posted @ Saturday, June 2, 2007 5:05 PM by Avi A