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Entries for September 2007

"Child links" template tutorial.

Saturday, September 29, 2007 8:26 AM by Avi A Viewed: 6192 times.
Hi! For any of you ventrian members , using the "child links" module, here is the template I am using here at the content pane. You can take it, share it, play with it and so on. I'm sure there are more than other one way to do the same but it is a good exercise. Enjoy!
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What are Child classes in CSS.

Saturday, September 22, 2007 8:52 AM by Avi A Viewed: 5848 times.
We, dnn users know about child links, child tabs, child pages and so on. In CSS there is something similar but also different which is called  "child classes". At this short article will try to explain and give some examples for that idea which on the one hand can be quite mixing but on the other hand very use full.
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New valid skin for dnn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:24 AM by Avi A Viewed: 4664 times.
Hi! As you can see we have replaced the skin we were using in our website with a new one. That one has a fixed 960px layout with two vertical containers in which each one contains two panes with different sizes. Also we have changed the presentation of the all website in order to make things clearer. We're using  ventrian "child links" module for site navigation and also we are using it to create kind of "catalog" template.  
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Biz Profile template

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 1:51 PM by Avi A Viewed: 12150 times.
Hi again! We have added a brother template to our "Social Bookmarking"  template at "nukenotes"  called: "BizProfiles". The template allows you to submit your frofile to the directory and always keep it "live" using RSS links to your blog/forum or picture gallery.  You can also add any embedded social tag cloud linking to your social site if any. More Rss will be added in the future.              
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